envelopes, bags and garments

Send me what you've got - I recycle and re-use Hard Structure Tyvek(r) HDPE #2 nonwoven polyethylene

The material that I have printed in gray for this work is made of 25% recycled HDPE #2.

I have received conflicting information about whether the recycling of tyvek is cradle to cradle or downcycling. The United States Post Office states that their tyvek mailing envelopes are cradle to cradle. This is the same material I use, but the manufacturer DuPont states that as the product is recycled it is downcycled. At any rate, all tyvek sent to me will either be re-purposed in my work or sent to DuPont. Thanks.

send to: mau recycle reuse, post office box 299, Esopus, NY 12429